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Wade McSwain was born in Dothan Alabama and Tracy McSwain in Kent County Michigan. A true example of North meets South. Wade had managed several chain restaurants and Tracy educated in Food Systems Management. Together in September 2008, they opened Pit Boss BBQ. Following their passion the have created a southern pit style restaurant rich in savory offerings.

Pit Boss BBQ is a pit style bbq restaurant specializing in authentic homestyle favorites. Pit Boss BBQ is committed to serving superior quality food for the most discerning appetites. At Pit Boss BBQ we believe in strengthening the community by supporting education, heritage, and community development. Everyone is a winner at Pit Boss BBQ

Will D.

Hands down the best BBQ in all of GA!
The ribs are fall off the bone fantastic and the pulled pork is perfect. This was our 2nd time traveling thru ATL this year and the 2nd time we made our layover just long enough to pit-stop. I cannot say enough good things about this place.
Highly Recommended!

Tim Z.

I was staying local and this was my main lunch spot. Brisket is amazing. Ribs are great. It may be hard to find this place, but when you do, you're in for a treat.

Michelle K.

It's been 2 1/2 years since my last visit here. This Cali girl is in love with this BBQ. It does not disappoint. I love the 3 types of sauces and that the hot BBQ sauce isn't wimpy but truly hot. For lunch I had an order of 4 bones, 1 side (collard greens, of course!), side of bread (of course I had cornbread) and a drink for about $14. The only disappointment was that they had a huge order earlier in the day and that was the end of the spare ribs. I had the baby back, which was delicious!! They added a bar since I was here last. But it's the BBQ that will always bring me back!!! 5 STARS EASY!!!

Ty C.

Popped in for a quick bbq lunch with a coworker. We both had the Friday lunch special, rib tips with a side, a piece of cofnbread, and a drink. All that for $7!! The rib tips were tender and they loaded me up. I had the collard greens which were amazing and he had the beans which he said were great. The cornbread wasnt anything to write home about but we were there for the meat anyway. Seating was easy and parking was the same. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone that loves bbq.

Trent L.

The ribs and wings are very tender and have a great smoke smoke flavor. The aroma smells the best walking in. its a small place and a little hot at times bc of the kitchen but hey its a true barbecue pit so thats what you get. the pound cake is delicious too and the fried green beans. only thing I didnt like is the instant mac and cheese. a place like this i was expecting somebodys grandma to make some good ol' fashioned baked kind lol

Rose C.

I love pork spareribs. These are MASSIVE! Like watching THE FLINTSTONE'S eat!!! I could only finish 2 out of 5. Unreal. Laughing Skull Craft pale amber beer is a bit sweet which I happen to like. Really good baked beans. And outrageous corn bread. In for a weekend meeting & I'm a happy traveler already.

Cliff R.

I eat here every time I come to Atlanta. Often more than once if I'm in town longer than a couple of days. Their ribs and brisket are to die for. And they have great sides as well. My favorites are the collard greens and the baked beans.

This is a true barbeque "joint." Kind of a hole in the wall, and nothing fancy. But the people are friendly, and the food is great. Good portion size for the average appetite as well.

I come here for good food and good service. And I get both consistently. One of my very favorite spots in Atlanta!

Sam P.

Been eating dinner at the Pit Boss every week this month while in ATL. I keep thinking I'll get tired of it. But I never do!! Friendly staff, beer, and the best BBQ and great sized portions keep me coming back . Keep up the good works and great attitudes. A year ago they made some improvements and I'm very pleased.
Here's a pic of the baby back ribs- half rack(sorry,I ate a third before i took the picture!!). Cornbread, fries, collared greens & a 4-20 beer...

Jade P.

This hole in the wall is incredible! Don't be put off by its location - the food is worth it! The wings are smoked perfectly and the ribs are so tender.

The cornbread is my favourite side, with the Mac and cheese second. The beans are also really good.

They recently expanded to include a bar, which is cool if you want to drink there. The interior is nothing to write home about - what you'd expect from a hole-in-the-wall.

The hospitality from the staff is great! I've never had an issue there.

This place is one of my go-to BBQ joints in ATL and I hope it's here to stay!

James M.

This has been one the best BBQ places I have eaten. I had the Hot List 3-Meat plate. It is built for two people. On it we chose the Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, and brisket. The brisket is very tender. The Baby backs had a lot of meat on them. The spare ribs was seasoned well. Mahogany was our cashier and very helpful and nice. She had a great attitude and was patient with us. If your headed to the airport of near it. You should come drop in and get a bite.

Chopped BBQ Pork or Chopped BBQ Chicken

Choice of Two sides, Dessert, Tea, plates cups everything for a successful event. 12.60 Per person

Chopped BBQ Pork and Chopped BBQ Chicken

Choice of Two sides, Dessert, Tea, plates cups everything for a successful event. 14.70 Per person

Chopped BBQ Pork or Chopped BBQ Chicken and Sliced Beef Brisket

Choice of Two sides, Dessert, Tea, plates cups everything for a successful event. 15.75 Per person

Chopped BBQ Pork and Chopped BBQ Chicken and Spare Ribs

Choice of Two sides, Dessert, Tea, plates cups everything for a successful event. 17.85 Per person

Whole Chicken Cutup in individual pieces and Sliced Beef Brisket

Choice of Two sides, Dessert, Tea, plates cups everything for successful event. 15.75 Per person

Pit Boss Box Lunch includes a Pork or Chicken sandwich chips and dessert and a drink. 8.40

This is just a small sample of what we have to offer. We can customize a menu that suits any needs or budget. Question call our Catering Department @678.663.0739 We also specialize in Smoked Salmon, and Tilapia